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Treatment of Bad Smells and Stains in Well Water

Iron and Manganese have the tendency to stain fixtures throughout the property. Iron can leave discoloration that looks red, orange, yellow, or rust colored. Manganese is known to leave a black discoloration. Sometimes when both are present, you will notice

Portable Filtered Water Bottles @ Water Filters of America

Looking for filtered water on the go? Check out Water Filters of America’s portable water filter bottles! They are easy to take anywhere and everywhere! The built in filters remove many contaminants, including chlorine, heavy metals, VOC’s, cysts, cryptosporidium, and

Iron Bacteria in Well Water

iron bacteria

  What is Iron Bacteria? Iron Bacteria is a name for a large diverse group of bacteria that have a significant effect on water filtration systems. Iron bacteria need energy to grow, they get this energy from the oxidation of

Happy Water Filtration System Customer Thanks to

The following email exchange was unsolicited and are actual emails we received from a (more than) satisfied customer. We would like to thank Wayne for allowing us to use his words to show other potential customers looking for water filtration

Well Water Filtration Mistakes

The three biggest mistakes when buying well water filtration systems for iron removal are as follows: Using a water softener as an iron filter Drinking the water from ANY water softener Not understanding pH and flow rates in regards to

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