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Welcome to the Water Filtration Wizard blog. The Water Filtration Wizard blog is a place where WaterFiltersOfAmerica.com can post important information and answer questions from current and potential customers. We ask you to look around and see our water softener, iron filter and water treatment system information.We offer unique online water filter and complete home water filtration systems and the information to go along with them.

We feature only the finest water softeners, water conditioners, iron filters, sulfur filters, odor removal systems, drinking water filters, reverse osmosis systems, test kits, travel filters, RV filters and well water filtration systems at WHOLESALE prices. Every water treatment system we sell is a “Top of the Line”, NATIONAL NAME BRAND system*. Our home water treatment systems replace ALL major brands. We also sell all type of commercial and industrial water filtration systems. We replace Culligan®, Kinetico®, RainSoft®, Ionics®, Hague®, Cuno®, Water-Right® and all other home water treatment systems as well.

If you have a question or a topic that you think would make a good post, please email info@waterfiltersofamerica.com. If you have a general question about water filtration and would like a more speedy response call 800.684.0979 or email info@waterfiltersofamerica.com.

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  1. I have a ISM Terminox iron filter. i have it installed and now i would like to change the schedule of backflushes.how do i do this?

    • You should NEVER change the backwash settings unless first speaking with a friendly Water Filters of America® Tech Support Specialist. It is rarely a good idea even then. They are available 7 days a week, including most Sundays and Holidays. Just give them a quick call on the tech support hotline. They will help you with anything you may need, included changing any settings.
      Take care

  2. Water Filters of America is the only water treatment company I have found that truly knows how to fix water problems, the staff are very friendly and helpful, I would recommend to anyone and everyone who needs help with water treatment.

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