Digital Water Test Kits for Testing Well Water pH Levels

Digital pH Meter for Well Water Testing
Digital pH Meter for Well Water Testing

As a well owner you need to know how important it is to check the conditions of your well water. The importance of his can be related to the fuel gauge on a car, you always want to know where you stand. With new technological advances everyday it becomes more and more easy to make sure your well water is tested and within safe conditions, not only for consumption, but for well water filtration system operation as well. We carry many different products for testing well water, from water test strips and drops to digital pH meters and digital TDS meters.

If you have a water filter that does not use any type of chemicals to regenerate or “re-charge” itself, such as our Terminox™ Iron Filter, then you definitely want to keep an eye on the pH of your well water. We’ll use the Terminox™ ISM Iron Filter as an example. With this iron filter, you want to have your pH around 7.5 for optimal performance. When you test your well water with test strips, you will not get a completely accurate result, as these strips are mainly intended for pools and spas, where accuracy isn’t as crucial. A step up from the water test strips would be the water test drops. Drop pH test kits are pretty accurate for well water testing, but the use of color matching is where the flaw of this test kit lies. We all see colors differently and human error can lead to inaccurate results of your well water test. Not only that, but you usually only get whole number results and when you’re working with well water filtration systems you need to have an accurate pH reading.

Water Filtration pH Chart
A handy little pH chart for your reference.

The best way to test your well water would be to use one of our digital pH meters. Our digital pH meters read down to a tenth of a point and as an added bonus provide you with a water temperature reading. Our digital pH meters are delivered pre calibrated to 7.0 and can tell you exactly when you are at a 7.5 pH (which is perfect for the Terminox™ Iron Filter’s optimal performance). At an average cost of $50 they are well worth the money with a battery life of 2-5 years and the ability to be used in all types of water testing, including pools and spa’s.

As we’ve mentioned before, pH is critical with well water iron filtration and we encourage the use of digital pH testers at all times. We also offer Digital TDS meters which we’ll discuss more in a future blog. We offer many other tests kits as well, please take a look at our water test kits page for more information.

If you own a well, arm yourself with the tools professionals use from

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  1. I want your product above. Please email me on how to get it here in Nigeria. I need the one that can text both well water and rain water, in fact all drinking water. I don’t mind marketing it for you if you don’t mind. I am expecting your reply soon. Thanks

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