How to find your well water flow rate

Well Water Flow Rate

Flow rate is important because it’s crucial for back washing a filter correctly. If determining the flow rate is not done properly, the unit will fail in time due to improper back washing.

The following procedure to find your flow rate is very simple and will only take about 2 minutes tops. When the flow rate is determined and given to our techs, people usually get 20+ years of maintenance free quality water.

This is how to determine your flow rate:

All you have to do to get the correct flow rate is go to the nearest faucet past the pressure tank and turn on the water.

At this point, your not measuring or keeping track of time. You simply want the pressure tank to draw down and “click on”.

When this happens, turn off the water and count how many seconds it takes to fill up and “click off”.

Write this number down and then get yourself some type of container you can use to measure the water gathered. Many people will use either a gallon pitcher or a 5 gallon bucket.

At this point, turn on the water and start filling the bucket, you want to keep filling and keep track of how much you get before the pump turns back on, very simple and all done!

To sum it up. You turn on the water until your pressure tank cycles on, shut off and see how many seconds it takes to cycle off. Write down how many seconds. Then turn the water back on and see how much you can gather before the pump cycles back on.

You have all the information we need at this point to figure out your flow rate. Simply pick up the phone and give one of our techs a call at 1-800-684-0979. A example of what we might hear, “Hello Sam, the first part of the test took 30 seconds for the pump to cycle and then I was able to gather 5 gallons before it kicked back on.“

And that’s it! It’s that simple to find your flow rate. Thank you for taking the time to watch’s video on finding your flow rate.

Have a great day!

-Water Filtration Wizard

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