Terminox Water Filters

Terminox water filters are the most popular well water filter for iron removal in the United States since 1998. Terminox water filter systems also remove high levels of sulfur, manganese, sediment, dirt, turbidity, foul smells such as rotten egg odors, bad tastes and even strong chemicals such as chlorine and bleach.

Terminox Filter Removes Iron sulfur and manganese.

Salt Free and Maintenance Free Well Water Filter

There is no need for salt or chemicals with a Terminox® Water Filter. And there is virtually no maintenance at all. You just set it and forget it. And since we custom make each Terminox for exactly the kind of water you have. We actually set it for you anyway.

Premium Quality Water Filter – Budget Price

Since we are the manufacturer, there are no middlemen or commissioned sales people to pay. It comes from our US Based manufacturing plant. Delivered right to your door. And it is specifically made so that any handy person can install it. It is very homeowner friendly. We also offer installation websites. And those websites are complete with videos and easy “how to” instructions.

We also have US Based expert support by phone and email. And this helps you with anything you need along the way. And those support privileges are there for a lifetime. Our US Based expert techs are not only east to understand. Because they are located in the United States and not some foreign country. But they are also the best water filtration minds in the country. They know their stuff!

The Very Latest American Designed Technology

We feature the highest flow rate potential standard control valves and interior tank tubes on the market. While virtually all competitors have only 1/2″, 3/4″ or 1″ control valve porting and tank riser tubes. The superior Terminox® American Designed Technology comes STANDARD with 1.25″ ported control valves and interior tank riser tubes. This means better flow and virtually no water pressure reduction. And you don’t have to pay those other companies for commercial level pricing to get these superior products. And unlike many competitors who use Chinese and Foreign threat on their connections, which are restrictive and hard to install. All of our units feature American NPT standard thread for say install.

Hard Programming Leads the World in Electronic Advances

Terminox® Control valves also feature Hard Programming electronic. Which mean it holds its programming during power failures without the need for finicky and expensive batteries that have to be replaced regularly. These units can be without power for days, months or even years. And they will stay programmed. The days of reprogramming old style electronic controls and paying local companies a fortune to make service calls to do so, are over. You just set it and forget it. And we actually set it for you to begin with!

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