In-home Sales Tactics Could Cost You Thousands Of Dollars!

Dirty SalesmanMany in-home water treatment companies sell basic water softeners for thousands of dollars. This is a crazy amount of money to spend for the equipment!

Many of these companies will try to slap every bell and whistle they can on a water softener. These add-ons usually cause more problems in the long run and you’re stuck with expensive service calls fixing a “feature” you never needed in the first place. A water softener is a simple piece of equipment! You have the control valve, resin, mineral tank and brine tank. We use all the top manufactures to put our custom made units together, these are the same manufactures most of these companies use but some may have a little “widget” or “special resin” added.  Neither will do anything special or justify the outrageous price for the unit.

We know and trust these manufactures and know they provide us with the same high quality components, so how is the price justified? Our water softener is of excellent quality and far above what you’ll find in the local big box store. We’re growing at an extremely fast rate and our customers satisfaction is second to none. Give us a call with any questions. Our technicians will never ask you for an order, we simply give you great advice you can trust! 800-684-0979

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