Weekly Question: Does a reverse osmosis remove all the good minerals?

Reverse Osmosis Unit
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We get this question all the time and many times it comes from information a consumer gets from a company that doesn’t sell reverse osmosis units. We always recommend a reverse osmosis unit when a water softener is installed. This is because when a softener removes hardness it exchanges it with sodium and we know most people get enough sodium from what they eat daily. We feel it’s the right thing to do. Many in-home companies will down play the role of the sodium. We simply advise customers who have a softener already to take a sample of raw water before the softener and a sample after the softener and see what the results are for sodium.

As for the good minerals, our daily food intake gives us what we need to satisfy our daily requirements. Many people also take a daily vitamin, you would have to drink an awful lot of water to get your daily intake of these minerals. Also, when the water goes through a softener, the hardness is removed and the two main components of hardness are calcium & magnesium but we rarely get the question,” does a softener remove the good minerals”?  The softener will remove the hardness from the water and give you all the luxuries of soft water but sodium is added to the drinking water.

For those who want these minerals in their water we do offer a mineral replacement cartridge to add those missing minerals back into the water. Some customers insist on this and we understand and will add the cartridge because we know they still did the right thing and added the reverse osmosis to remove the sodium after the softener. The customer will have some of the purest water possible for drinking and cooking water and this is all done at a fraction of the cost.

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