Water Filter Bypass Valve

Water filter bypass valve: “Is a water filter bypass valve necessary? What is it?”

This is a common question we get when people are placing an order. A water filter bypass valve allows you to bypass the water filtration system or water softener completely. And this allows you to use raw water from your well. It also allows you to bypass the unit if it is leaking or needs to be serviced for some reason. The video below shows the bypass valve on the back of a water filter head. It is the part on back that has the two red knobs. Just turn them to bypass the unit completely.

Water filter bypass valve is essential for any backwashing water filter or water softener.

This would allow you to flush toilets. And to use household water while repairing a damaged water softener, water conditioner, iron filter, etc. It would be a real inconvenience not having any water while you wait for new parts for your water filtration system. Another convenience of a bypass is that it allows you to use soft water out of a faucet to wash your car for a spot free wash. When you’re done with your car washing, you can use that same faucet to get your raw water to water the yard or plants, a situation where soft water would be inappropriate.

Should I make a bypass valve for my water filter or water softener?

If you do not buy a bypass when you buy the unit, you should make your own. It would be cheaper and save more time installing if you simple add a professional valve designed for that specific unit.

You should put a bypass on every unit that has a drain line attached to it. Such as an iron filter and a water softener. You would want a bypass on EACH one. Not a single bypass for both. If you need to repair one, you would still have the other one working until repairs are made. Or you can bypass both if you want.

We do have occasions where the bypass valve option is bypassed (pardon the pun). When the customer calls in for tech support on their Terminox iron filter and we advise them to put the unit on bypass, we hear “huh?” They don’t have a bypass. Huge mistake in judgement. We can’t stress enough the importance off adding one to your order or making one on your own. Because if anything ever does happen, your covered. And if nothing ever happens, you still have that peace of mind. If you passed on the bypass valve and are kicking yourself for it, you can purchase one here: Bypass Valve for that peace of mind.

Water Filter Bypass Valve

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