Does a GFI Outlet Protect My Water Filter or Water Softener?

GFI outlet for water softener or iron filter
Do GFI outlets protect a water softener or iron filter?

It is a common misunderstanding that when there is a GFI installed in the home electrical outlets that you do not need a surge protector. However, GFI (Ground Fault Isolator) is simply to avoid electrical shock. After speaking with an electrical engineer, who is a professional in this field he informed us that there is no protection with GFI for your equipment. Power surges can damage your equipment. Use a surge protector.

Surge protectors are electric plug in strips with many plugs and a fuse built in meant to “pop” (trip) in the event it takes on a surge. The surge protectors are usually used for plugging in electronic devices. You should always purchase a surge protector and plug it into the GFI outlet, and then plug in the LCD 12v power supply that comes with your new Terminox ISM® iron filter or one of our made to order water softeners. Avoid needlessly exposing your new water treatment equimpment to electrical surges.

The Terminox® well water filtration system and water softeners sold through are smart enough to hold their information for a fair amount of time in the event of a power failure. If you lose power for a couple of hours, do not worry, the unit is still programmed. If for any reason you ever need to reprogram the unit again, a friendly tech will walk you easily through it right away, even on sundays and holidays, absolutely free of charge. The simple thing to remember is that GFI outlets alone do not protect electronics from power surges.

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