Does a GFI Outlet Protect My Water Filter or Water Softener?

GFI outlet for water softener or iron filter
Do GFI outlets protect a water softener or iron filter?

Does a GFI outlet protect your water softener or water filter? It is a common misunderstanding that when there is a GFI Outlet installed in the home electrical outlets that you do not need a surge protector. However, GFI (Ground Fault Isolator) is simply to avoid electrical shock. And after speaking with an electrical engineer. Who is a professional in this field. He informed us that there is no protection with GFI for your equipment. And power surges can damage your equipment. So always use a surge protector.

Because surge protectors are electric plug in strips. And they usually have many plugs. And also have a fuse built in meant to “pop” (trip) in the event it takes on a surge. So surge protectors are usually used for plugging in electronic devices. You should always purchase a surge protector. And plug it into the GFI outlet. And then plug in the LCD 12v power supply that comes with your new Terminox® iron filter. Or to plug in one of our made to order water softeners. Avoid needlessly exposing your new water treatment equimpment to electrical surges.

The Terminox® well water filtration system and water softeners sold through are s”mart enough to hold their information for a fair amount of time in the event of a power failure”Hard programmed”. Which means you can have power loss to them for extended periods of time without using the program. If you lose power for a couple of hours, or days, or weeks, do not worry. The unit is still programmed. This is great for vacation homes and areas that have a tendency for power failures.

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