Terminox® for removing iron and manganese in private well water

iron filters and manganese water filters remove stains
Iron filters can remove iron, sulfur and manganese from well water that cause staining to sinks, toilets, fixtures  and also cause damage to water softeners.

Removing iron and manganese from your well water can improve both the look and taste of the water.

Iron can cause red, orange or brown staining around the home. Manganese can cause black staining and make the hot water in the home smell like rotten eggs. If you have a rotten egg smell on the HOT water side ONLY and see the color black in the backs of toilets or other places that your water touches, it is likely you have manganese. If you have iron and manganese both, it can make the iron staining much darker than normal.

What to look for in a filter

While there are a number of ways people try to treat such issues, it is very important to remember several methods not to use. Do not use chlorine together with retention tanks and carbon tanks to treat iron and manganese normally. This is a common trick that in-home sales companies often use to run up the initial cost. And to insure they have ongoing expensive maintenance cost for a consumer. There are far better and more ethical and economical ways to combat common iron and manganese problems. Another common “Trick” is to sell consumers a water softener to act as an iron and manganese filter. This is a really bad idea in so many ways. Not to mention that you should never use a water softener when iron is present in the water. And you SHOULD NOT drink the water from any water softener or salt using appliance of any kind.

Some people use old backwashing tank technology called “Birm Filters” for iron and manganese. The problem is that these filters must have air injectors to add air to the water. This can result in the build up of massive amounts of air in the water, and make the hot water pipes begin to “Spit” hot water out of the faucets. Many people with Birm filters complain that the water is often cloudy or milky. Also remember that you must have a pH of at least 8.0 to use Birm when both iron and manganese are present in your private well water supply.

Others will try to use Greensand Filter options to remove iron and manganese. While iron can be removed with Greensand and Manganese can be removed by greensand as well. It seems the filter becomes far less effective when more than one contaminant is present. Also, Greensand uses a highly volatile chemical called potassium permanganate (Pot perm). This is not a chemical we recommend to be used in a residential (Private home) application. We do sell Greensand Filters, but only to commercial entities that understand how to handle this chemical like the dangerous substance it is.

The best way to treat Iron and Manganese in water

The best way to treat both iron and manganese is by using an oxidizing filter. There are a number of oxidizing iron filters and manganese filters. We sell virtually all types of filters on the market today. So we know which ones really work for each situation. Most have certain drawbacks, such as having to replace minerals inside or the pH must be higher. No one likes needless ongoing maintenance problems.

We sell virtually all types of iron and manganese filter systems. The best type of water filtration system for removing both iron and manganese is the Terminox® ISM iron, sulfur and manganese removal system. It is virtually maintenance free and requires no salt, chemicals or air injection and should virtually never need the minerals inside to be replaced as long it is applied properly, and we can help you with that simple process. Another plus with the Terminox filter is it works at much lower pH ranges than other filter choices, such as Birm and the outdated air injection systems.


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