Are Well Water Mixed-Media Filters good?

Are well water mixed-media filters good filters? Some water filtration companies offer a “fix-all” solution for treatment of water by combining a multitude of media in a single tank.  While this is a very effective method for short term treatment. For a long term solution that doesn’t need constant attention, if falls far short of the mark. In most cases causing many years of ongoing expensive service calls and mineral replacement.

Terminox iron, sulfur and manganese filter

Most of these multi-media filters will combine some or all of the following: calcite, birm and activated carbon.  Birm media is a type of media that has been in use for decades in water treatment. And can be effective in some cases, but is not the standard solution anymore for several reasons.  Not only does Birm have to be replaced periodically. It also requires air injection to remove iron, manganese and other unwanted contaminants. But in order to remove iron and manganese using air injection. It requires a very high pH of 8.0 or higher. Watch out for really marginal technologies such as Katalox, Filox and other minerals that mix disposable items, such as calcite and coated oxidizing minerals. Calcite dissolves and should not be mixed with filtration media. It causes a constantly fluctuating mineral bed.

New technology advanced media such as our Terminox® media, use a solid core of filtration media that will not wear out or lose efficiency over time.  It is not coated. And it does not have minerals combined with it that can dissolve over time and go away. Terminox® removes far more different types of contaminants than Birm and most other filtration media. It also requires no salt, chemicals or ongoing maintenance. And there are no filters to replace.

Don’t mix minerals in the same water filter tank

These marginal multi-media filters are often loaded with calcite, corosex or both, which are acid neutralizer media.  These media, when used in a dedicated filter, will typically last 6 to 12 months, depending on the size of the filter.  Since an assortment of media are loaded into a single tank with multi-media filters, these acid neutralizers will run out much faster, leading to a decrease in efficiency and the need to replace the Birm media sooner.Plus mixing acid neutralizer minerals in a tank with other minerals cause constant pH fluctuations, which makes the filter unstable.

Well water mixed-media filters and carbon

The last point of concern with these multi-media filters is that they often use granular activated carbon as a polishing agent in a process known as “carbon sprinkling.”  While this actually has limited efficiency in helping reduce tastes and odors to the water initially. Carbon is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria in non-chorinated well water. So using a filter with carbon on well water, where there’s no chlorination present. Can lead to excessive bacteria in the water and can actually be detrimental to the water quality. As well as posing potential health risks.

We offer quality advice on treating the water here. As well as top-of-the-line filtration equipment to ensure that you’re not only satisfied with the water when you first install our equipment. But for many years after your purchase.  For a recommendation on the best way to treat your water woe. Just call one of our expert technicians today. Or shoot us an email. If you leave a number, we can have a knowledgeable specialist give you a quick call. They won’t ask you to buy anything.


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Well water mixed-media filters

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