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How do I figure out what Iron Filter I need for my well water?

How Do I Figure Out What Iron Filter I need for my Well Water? It’s easy to figure out what type of filter you need. It only takes a few minutes around the house to gather the correct information. Don’t

Greensand Filter vs Terminox® for iron and sulfur removal

A conventional Greensand backwashing washing water filtration tank is comprised generally of a water tank (Usually around 4 feet tall or so) with an ionic exchange mineral inside (mineral) and an electronic control valve to channel the water where it

Pros and Cons of Air Injection Filters-You better try Terminox®

  The use of air injection in well water that has iron, sulfur, manganese etc. is very common. The main type of air injection filter we see is a filter designed to remove iron. Air is injected into the water

What is an oxidizing iron filter?

An oxidizing water filter that removes iron and/or sulfur smells usually has a mineral, sometime called media, inside the tank. The tank is a backwashing tall, slender water filtration device with an electronic control valve (brain) which tells the filter