Pros and Cons of Air Injection Filters Compared

Air injection filters compared with Terminox® Well Water Filters. The use of air injection in well water that has iron, sulfur, manganese etc. is very common. The main type of air injection filter we see is a filter designed to remove iron. Air is injected into the water line. And then the air injected water goes into a tall thin filter tank that collects the sedimentary iron and periodically cleans itself of the iron sediment it has collected and sends it down the drain. You also see these filters to remove other unwanted substances such as sulfur and manganese. The downsides of a filter like this are:

Air Injector for well water iron filter systems
Air Injector ads air into the water which can introduce  bacteria/organics into the water line. Terminox® iron and sulfur filters need no air injection.

Downsides of air injection

Air is left in the treated well water. If air is in the water as it travels through the home, it can collect in any place that holds water. For example: if you use the water to shower the water brings air into the hot water tank. When the water stops after the shower there are millions of tiny air bubbles left in the water. These bubbles rise over time and leave a big air bubble in the top of the tank. This can be a lot of air over time that builds up. When the hot water is turned on again, the air can make the pipes “SPIT.” Most homeowners do not like pipes that spit hot water.

Air injection is almost always used with birm filter media. Birm filter media requires a pH of 8.0 or higher to remove iron, sulfur and manganese. Also, birm air injection filters do not remove chlorine. So if you need to chlorinate for iron bacteria or other harmful organics, you would still need additional filter (s) to do the same job as Terminox® can do by itself. And Terminox® can work at a much lower pH.

Terminox® iron filter compared to air injection

Terminox® oxidizes the water naturally. So there is no need at all for ancient air injection technology. Terminox® iron, sulfur aND MANGAnese filters also remove dirt, turbidity, fouls smell like rotten egg smells, bad tastes and even strong chemicals such as chlorine.

Iron Bacteria

Air injection iron filters and air injection sulfur filters are susceptible to iron bacteria. To treat the water that contains iron bacteria, you normally must chlorinate the water. Air injection type filters were never originally designed to remove chlorine so now you must add an additional filter to remove chlorine. That makes this filter outdated technology. The most modern filters, such as Terminox ISM®, oxidize naturally and need no air injection. They also greatly reduce or remove leftover chlorine from the iron bacteria control process.

pH issues: You need a much higher pH water to remove both manganese and iron when both are present in the water supply. Usually it is recommended to have a pH of at lease 8.0 (or higher). The Terminox ISM® water filtration system can work (oxidize) at a much lower pH than 8.0 and is virtually maintenance free.

Air injection often causes CLOUDY water

Air injection can cause large amounts of air to build up in your filter tank. And it will build up large amounts of air in other places. Such as hot water heaters, water softeners and other filters or appliances. If large amounts of air are in the top of filters and water softeners. And then a lot of water is used all at once. It can force all that air down into the mineral bed of the water filter or softener causing the air and water to mix. This can make the water quite cloudy. And often it is cloudy or milky looking for many days.

And while it is just air in the water. Most members of that family get uncomfortable when the water gets milky or cloudy. A premium technology filter such as Terminox® uses no air. So it does not make the water cloudy. It is clear clean water coming out off the tap. And dirt is also a taste and odor filter. So the water always tastes and smell great.

Air injection introduces organics and airborne bacteria to well water

Air injection may add airborne bacteria to the water or the filter. Anything organic or living in the air can be introduced to an air injection filter and the water supply. Organics and airborne bacteria can make things start to grow in filters. And that can require them to need expensive maintenance calls, or even replacement of the mineral. Wouldn’t it make more sense to use a filter that does not require air? Perhaps a very inexpensive and powerful filter such as Terminox®. That requires no salt, air, chemicals or maintenance when properly applied.

Terminox Filter Removes Iron sulfur and manganese.

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    • While Terminox is more resistant to iron bacteria than any other well water filter, and we should know as we sell them all. If you have massive amounts of iron bacteria, you would likely need to disinfect the water. The good news is that it is easy and inexpensive to do. Because treating iron bacteria does not normally require large retention tanks when using Terminox filters. And if you disinfect with very small amounts of chlorine, as is recommended normally. Terminox also removes chemicals such as chlorine. So you wouldn’t need expensive carbon tanks and retention tanks as you would with most other well water disinfection methods.

      Before you buy ANY iron filter from anyone, you should gather the information listed under items number 7, 16 and 17 on this page:

      You should never buy anything from anyone who does not require this information before determining what you need.

      We hope you find this information informative.


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