What are Micro Plastics?

What are Micro Plastics

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that result from both commercial product development. And the breakdown of larger plastics. For more information about what are micro plastics? We have included extensive additional information here.

So almost ALL bottled water in the United Staes has been shown to include millions of particles of micro Plastics.

Source: National Geographic

Are Micro Plastics a health hazard? 

While this is a fairly newly recognized threat. And virtually all the worlds heath organizations are researching the discovery of micro plastics in almost all common water supplies. Common sense would prevail to consider plastics in the body can’t be a good thing. So removing them should be a strong consideration if you are health conscious.

Are there Micro Plastics in my area?

Sadly the answer is most likely yes. Because Micro Plastics are turning up everywhere there are plastics in use. Which today means everywhere, not just manufacturing areas or landfills.

Microplastics are everywhere, experts say (phys.org)

Is it just my water that I have to worry about?

No Micro Plastics are showing up in everything. Especially packaged foods. Which includes bottled water. But you can control what’s in your water. It is very inexpensive, for example, to eliminate most micro plastics in drinking water in your home or office for under $250.


Source: How Much Plastic Are You Drinking? (msn.com)

How do I remove micro plastics from my water?

There are many treatments to remove Micro Plastics from your water. But first a couple of questions need to be considered.

And the first question to answer is, am I on a well or city water? Also, do you want to remove them from the water in the whole house? Or are you mainly worried about removing them from drinking/cooking water?

Do I need a Whole House Reverse Osmosis?

Whole house Reverse Osmosis (RO) will certainly remove micro Plastics. And Whole House ROs are usually used for waters with extreme conditions. Such as High TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), as well as dissolved solids like Sodium that can only be removed with Reverse Osmosis are commonly removed with either whole house ROs or Point of use RO (POU). 

How do I remove micro plastic from just my drinking water?

The best way to remove Micro Plastics from just drinking water is using reverse osmosis. And you can use an inexpensive filter called POU (Point of use) reverse osmosis unit such as can be found here:


Or you can use a whole house RO for the whole dwelling. And those can be found here:


If you’re on well water and even most city’s waters some pre-filtration before the RO may be needed so the RO filters are not overwhelmed by high levels of things like Sediment, Iron, Hardness, or other contaminates like Chemicals used by cities that could shorten the life of the RO filters. That could be as simple as a 10×2.75” point of use carbon filter before the RO, or some whole house options.

How do I remove micro Plastic from my whole house’s water supply?

There are again many choices to remove Micro Plastics from your whole house water supply. First question is if it is well water or city water? 

How do I remove micro Plastics from the city water that comes into my house?

Micro Plastics can be removed from city water as simple as with a Point Of Use 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis for just the Drinking/Cooking water. Sometimes the RO needs the help of other pre-filter options to prolong the filter’s longevity.


They can be removed from the whole house with one of the many carbon filter options we offer. This combined with a 5 Stage RO will give you and your family safe drinking water. 

How do I remove Micro plastics from my well water?

Carbon can treat well water. But well water will usually have other contaminates along with the Micro Plastics. And these can and do vary from well to well. So this makes treating wells a bit more involved. But we will be glad to simply walk you right through gathering the information needed for treating well water. 

In order for us to help you properly we would need you to gather the information requested under items 7, 16 and 17 on this page:


These three things are very simple to do. And only take about 10 minutes or so around the house to gather up. So if you gather those three pieces of information. And then give us a call. One of our knowledgeable water techs can tell you in about 30 seconds what you need to treat your well’s water. And they won’t ask you to buy anything. Just call toll free 800-684-0979 for assistance.

How do I remove micro plastic from my well’s drinking water.

A 5 Stage Reverse osmosis can remove Micro Plastics from just your Drinking/Cooking water.  Also, wells usually have more than just one contaminate that can reduce the longevity of RO filters. And if you currently have other forms of well water treatment you can include the 5 Stage RO System for the Micro Plastics.  We highly recommend that if you don’t have existing pre-filtration on your well water you contact one of our friendly techs before adding just a Reverse Osmosis System if you are on a well.  

QUESTIONS? CALL TOLL FREE:  800-684-0979 or E-mail: support@waterfiltersofamerica.com

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