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If you have bad tasting water, bad smelling water, or just plain ugly water, you may need some free water testing. Because you know that know that you need to do something to fix it. But what?  That all depends on what is causing that taste, smell, or murkiness. Of course, there are some contaminants that you can’t see, smell, or taste. Getting a water test is the best first step in fixing bad water.

Free water testing

Poor water quality can affect not only your drinking water, but also the water used in a variety of household functions. Contaminated water used for cooking may affect your health, while too much of certain minerals can hamper cleaning in your laundry or bathroom, as well as staining your fixtures.

We recommend that you get an independent water test whenever possible. You should never have someone come into your home to test your water. And then try to sell you water treatment equipment. You should get an independent test from our free lab, a laboratory, health department, local university, or even the local pool supply company.

Local Testing For Free

Many swimming supply stores do water testing for free and are pretty accurate. Just ask them to test it just like they would if you were considering buying a swimming pool or hot tub. Do not let the sample sit all day or overnight before testing. If the water sits too long the pH can actually change and that is a very important part of testing.  Draw the sample and then get it tested as quickly as possible. If you have a private well, be sure to let the water run until the pump comes on. And then let it run another minute or two to be sure you are getting water to test from the well. And not from the pressure tank.

If you cannot find anyone independent to test your water locally. We would be happy to provide a  free water test for the more common water tests. Just send us a sample. In some cases, depending on what is in your water, we may need to send you a container to put the water in for testing.

Water Filters of® offers well water testing and city water testing as well as other water sources you may have. Sometimes people are unsure of what they should be testing for. The type of analysis you choose should be based upon your specific concerns, your water source and what contaminants may potentially be in the water. We offer some advice to consider here. The most common tests we perform are pH, iron, TDS, nitrates and hardness.  These are included in the free water test. But we can test for virtually anything that might concern you. We have just about every type of test you can imagine in our paid testing lab. It is a Nationally recognized lab that is certified in all 50 states. You can find an extensive list of paid tests here:

Paid Lab Testing

Once you have your water test results you may be confused and wondering what to do with all those numbers. We understand what it all means. And can explain it to you, and give you great advice on fixing your water.  We will answer all of your questions and never ask you to buy anything. We want everyone to have clean, safe, and great tasting water!



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  1. Is there a filter that removes lead, but also all of the other stuff that comes from water treatment plants, such as human and animal waste, carcinogens, lead, heavy metals and other unwanted contaminants?

    • Yes there is. Normally you can use reverse osmosis to correct virtually all of those things. Reverse osmosis is a filter that normally goes underneath your kitchen sink, or can be placed in a cabinet, basement or crawl space. But Normally it goes underneath the kitchen sink and has its own separate spigot or faucet that is placed on top of the kitchen sink. The entire filter system includes everything you need to have it up and running, usually in under an hour. It is also commonly used to filter the water when a person has a water softener in the home. Any good water quality expert will tell you that you can never drink the water from any water softener.

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