Nitrate Water Filters

Nitrate Water Filters

Nitrate water filters are necessary. Because nitrate levels above 10 ppm can certainly be harmful to humans. And 10 PPM is the limit that most government guidelines set as safe for drinking water. However, many people would prefer to not have any at all. And the reason for this is that they understand that nitrates are most commonly known as human or animal waste. So most people do not want human or animal waste in their drinking water. And most people don’t want to bathe in water with high nitrate levels either. And in some areas water with high nitrate levels are restricted for pregnant women. Because there is a risk of blue babies disease. But the good news is that nitrates are easily removed and controlled. And nitrate removal filters are normally inexpensive to buy here.

Whole house nitrate removal

You can either add a nitrate filter to just your drinking water at a very nominal cost. Or you can add a whole house nitrate filter to remove nitrates in the entire house or building. And while that may sound like it would be very expensive, it really is not. You can read more about nitrate filters and their cost on this page: NITRATE WATER FILTERS

Nitrate cartridge filter for removal of nitrates from drinking water.
Nitrate Cartridge Filter for Drinking Water

Whole house water filter tank to remove nitrates

Removing nitrates from the whole house in easy and inexpensive with a whole house nitrate removal filter tank. And no salt or chemicals are needed. Also, there is virtually no maintenance either. They clean themselves periodically and can usually last many, many years before the minerals inside that remove nitrates need to be replaced. We can also make a water softener if you need one, that has nitrate removal minerals inside as well. This not only softens the water, but it removes nitrates as well. And when the softener cleans itself you also clean the nitrate minerals. This makes it very efficient in regards to water usage.

Whole house nitrate removal filter. This is a self cleaning backwashing filter tank. No salt or chemicals needed.

Some people like to use a whole house water filter along with a drinking water system. And that gives you double coverage for complete removal of nitrates. And if you use our reverse osmosis drinking water system with a nitrate removal cartridge. You also remove unwanted sodium, salt, TDS, chemicals and heavy metals. And many more contaminants are removed from your drinking water as well.

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