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Digital Water Test Kits for Testing Well Water pH Levels

As a well owner you need to know how important it is to check the conditions of your well water. The importance of his can be related to the fuel gauge on a car, you always want to know where

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How to find your well water flow rate

Well Water Flow Rate Flow rate is important because it’s crucial for back washing a filter correctly. If determining the flow rate is not done properly, the unit will fail in time due to improper back washing. The following procedure

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Retention Tank Vacuum Breakers: Why the Vacuum Needs to be Broken

Retention tanks can be very useful tools for treating water, especially when prolonged contact time with chlorine is necessary.  They are pressurized tanks that ensure the water stays in contact for a specific period of time based on the flow

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Well Water Flow Rate

Many of the well water treatment systems we offer at WaterFiltersOfAmerica.com® are dependent on the flow rate of the water past the pressure tank.  While it is possible to estimate this flow rate based on variables like the pipe diameter

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Iron Filter Vs. Water Softener

At WaterFiltersOfAmerica.com® our mission is to create a relationship with each individual customer. When you call us you will be advised, long before a sale, to send in a sample of your water in an effort to find out what

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E-coli and Coliform In Your Water

Treatment for Escherichia Coli (E-coli) and Coliform bacteria can be confusing and if not addressed properly, it can be dangerous.  With the improvements in water treatment technology and various water treatment companies telling you many different things, it can be

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