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Free water test options are available for well water or public municipal water supplies. Just fill out the form below please. And please keep in mind that these types of water tests are for the BASICS. Such as pH, iron, hardness, TDS and a few other basics.

Free water testing and water testing for private well water or public city water supplies. Municipal.

If you need serious lab testing done, we have all of that too. We even offer many different test kits you can purchase, in case you want to test the water yourself. You will find those HERE-Professional Tests Kits. Lab tests for things like sodium, arsenic, nitrates, ecoli, coliform and just about anything else you can think of are available for a nominal fee. You can see those HERE-Paid Tests.

We also have a lot of test results for many cities and states in the US. You can access those HERE-Water Quality Reports.

Click for free water testing. We have well water testing for homeowners with private wells. We have city water testings for city and towns public water supplies.
We test water for free.

Our water filtration technicians get many phone calls each day asking for the largest water filter we carry. Water treatment issues can be complex and many variables affect the recommendation for a water filtration system. The first thing we must do is start at the water quality and work to the water filtration system. Starting at the water filtration system and going to the water quality is just plain wrong.

If a company does try to sell water filtration systems or water treatment systems without water test results, your best interests are not being considered. We always recommend independent water testing, but we also know that many people live far away from such places. Budget Water Filters of America will test your water for free. And not ask you to buy anything.

If you would like to send us a sample we would be happy to test free of charge.

Please send that sample to our free water testing lab:

4920 3rd Street 

McKeesport, PA 15132

Any plastic bottle with a plastic lid, such as a 12 or 16 ounce water or soda bottle would be OK. Run the water until the well pump comes on. And then run the water two additional minutes before drawing the sample. Rinse it well with raw untreated water. DO NOT use any soaps or cleaners to clean the bottle, as this will possibly alter your pH. Fill the bottle completely full, with as little air as possible, and send it to us immediately. It is always best to overnight the sample if possible.

Try not to send it on a Friday or Saturday as it may sit for the weekend before testing. Please put your name and phone number in with the sample and anything else you want us to know. The very minute it arrives, one of our techs will test it and give you a call right away. 

NOTE: If you have a private well. And you are trying to correct a problem with your well. You might consider reading items number 7, 16 and 17 on this page as well:

Private well water softening or filtering essential checklist.

We appreciate your patience.

CALL TOLL FREE:  800-684-0979



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