UV Ecoli and Coliform Bacteria control using ultra Violet Light.


UVLight, Ultra Violet Light, to treat coliform and E-Coli in Well Water or drinking water.
E Coli in Water… not particularly inticing.

UV Ecoli and Coliform Bacteria Treatment in well water. In our recent blog, Treating E-coli and Coliform In Your Water – Option One Chlorination and Retention, we discussed treating Escherichia Coli (E-coli) and Coliform bacteria with Chlorination and Retention. And in this blog we’ll discuss another option that’s effective for treating of E-coli and Coliform. And that is called a UV Water Treatment System. Please keep in mind not everyone can use a UV light to kill harmful bacteria. We will explain exactly who can. And we will explain who simply can’t.

How does a UV Ultra Violet Light work?

In a UV water treatment system. Water passes through a stainless steel chamber. And then a powerful Ultra-Violet light obliterates the bacteria in the water.  Most in-home water treatment sales companies and other inexperienced on-line companies might recommend this system without really explaining much more in detail. And that is bad. Because there are many things to take into consideration when it comes to UV treatment for your water. Otherwise someone could get very sick.

The flow rate must be determined AFTER the pressure tank normally. And not based off the well output rate.  The well numbers you get from well drillers. Are usually not the same flow rate you need to determine how to properly check the well’s correct maximum flow. But you can see how to perform a proper flow rate check under item number $7 HERE. And it is quite easy to do. And it only takes a couple of minutes.

Most companies use a standard UV light that has an average rating for flow rate allowed. But most people who apply this technology have NEVER properly tested their flow rate. And in fact, over 85% of all the UV Lights we have seen customer install are incorrect. And that means they are completely unreliable. If you own a private residential well. And you have never properly checked your flow rate. You have been doing yourself a great disservice. And it could be unhealthy. It is an essential part of properly owning and operating any sort of equipment on a private residential water well.

More about UV ecoli and coliform bacteria treatment.

The reason we need the flow rate AFTER the pressure tank and not the well out put rate is because virtually all equipment is installed past the pressure tank. Flow rate is much more important then some questionable companies make it out to be and it is crucial that it be known before installing or even purchasing the correct water treatment equipment.

You simply MUST test the raw water BEFORE you decide on UV disinfection for your well.

UV water treatment can only be used after you have filtered iron out of your water with an iron filter. Such as the Terminox® iron, sulfur and manganese filter. And the water must either be soft. Or contain less than 7 grains of hardness. And needs to be free of other sediments. And any high turbidity that might “shield” the bacteria. Because that might possibly put you and your family at risk. But OUR hardness limit is 5 GPG or about 100 PPM of total hardness. Because someone hardness levels can often fluctuate from season to season.

What is shielding? How does shielding affect UV Lights?

Shielding is the number one reason UV can be a trickier water treatment system to install. Since most companies don’t filter the water completely prior to the UV.  Most companies will tell you to install a water softener and then the UV. This is a bad idea. You simply MUST kill the harmful bacteria BEFORE it gets to a softener or any other type of filter. Especially backwashing filters. If the bacteria is not killed BEFORE the softener or filter system. The bacteria will grow and multiply in the filter. And then that contaminated water is drained right back in to your home’s groundwater. As they are ignoring sediment, hardness, iron and other potential contaminants that a water softener will not remove. 

If you know your water is hard. And you know you have iron, sulfur or manganese. We always recommend a Terminox® iron, sulfur and manganese filter followed by a high flow water softener. As well as a 5 micron sediment filter prior to the UV.  But using a UV for ecoli or coliform bacteria in this way is NOT recommended. UV is best if the water is not hard. And there are no other issues, such as iron, sulfur or manganese. If you do have iron, sulfur or manganese, along with Ecoli or Coliform bacteria. Proper treatment is chlorination, retention and Terminox®. Only add a water softener if the water is hard. Or if you simply like zero soft water.

E-Coli in Water can be treated by ultra violet light. Coliform bacteria can be treated by UV disinfection as well.
E-coli can be very harmful to your health.

Is UV the choice for you?

If you think UV is the choice for you. You should speak with a knowledgeable specialist before you buy anything from anyone. And if you leave us a phone number. We can have a friendly specialist give you call. And they will never ask you to buy anything. They will just help to be sure it is correct.  Or you can call the toll free number below. And if you prefer to email. Just click on the email link below please.

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Whatever choice you make for your water filtration needs. Whether it’s a Chlorination and Retention system. And/or a UV system. Budget Water Filters of America is here to answer your questions. And make sure that you have the best possible system for you and your family. And if you have any questions about these systems feel free to give us a call at 1-800-684-0979.

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UV Ecoli and Coliform Bacteria Treatment

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