What is the difference between red water rust and clear water rust?

Iron and rust on house image.

Red water rust and clear water rust are the same thing as red water iron and clear water iron. Iron and rust are the same thing.

Red water rust appears as colored red or tinted red (Or orange) when you run the water into a drinking water glass.

Clear water rust would appear clear at first in the glass (maybe with a bit of yellow tint sometimes, but not always). But once it sits in the glass for a bit the air in the water will oxidize it and turn it into red or orange in color. So clear water iron is dissolved into the water. Red water iron is actually a sediment that you can see. That is why sediment filters can remove a little bit of red water iron. But clear water iron goes right through them. If you are sure you have ONLY red water iron, which is rare indeed. You can use a cartridge filter to remove moderate amounts. You can see those here:

Sediment Cartridge Filters

But remember that you should really use a filter that removes BOTH types of rust. As both are almost always present. Especially in well water.

Red water rust and clear water rust chemistry names.

Ferrous ironFerrous iron is often referred to as clearwater iron or rust. …Ferric iron is called red water iron or rust because it gives the water a cloudy reddish/orange appearance. Ferric iron is rust and is the result of oxidizing ferrous iron. This form of iron can be filtered.

Both can be removed by one back washing iron filter called a Terminox® Iron, Sulfur and Manganese filter. This back washing iron filter requires no Salt, chemicals or maintenance of any kind.

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