Don’t Use a Softener to Reduce Iron!

The Terminox® Iron Filter sold exclusively at
The Terminox® Iron Filter sold exclusively at

Many companies will install water softeners for iron reduction. We feel you should virtually never use a water softener as an iron filter and be careful when dealing with anyone who suggests such a thing. PLus you can not drink the water from any softener. The iron in the water supply will cause damage to the softener’s mineral bed and will  use far more salt. Many of the same people who suggest using a softener as an iron filter, provides the salt for these units, coincidence? We don’t think so either. The unit will start to require more salt and the service calls will come more and more often. 

If you have an iron issue, we highly recommend an iron filter. We’ve noticed the majority of people we see who’ve been sold a softener as an iron filter never needed a softener to begin with, or the unnecessary maintenance and expense of adding massive amounts of salt and ongoing service issues. Not to mention, we have iron filters that require virtually no maintenance and require no salt or chemical additives.  The water will also be great to drink without adding a reverse osmosis or drinking expensive bottled water like you would have to do with a softener. We always recommend  to gather the information for questions 7, 16 & 17 at our FAQ’s Page. This will give us all the information we need to help you out and give you the best recommendation or good advice you can trust.

We always recommend an iron filter to remove iron from your water. You can browse our selection of iron filters including our exlusive Terminox® Iron Filter at 

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