Do sediment filters remove iron?

Do sediment filters remove iron?

The answer would be yes and no. Sediment filters generally will remove red water iron. But Clear water iron will go right through them.

Red water iron is iron that has oxidized and presents itself in a sediment form. If you hold up a glass of red water iron, you can actually see the color of iron in the glass. Clear water iron is dissolved into the water and is not yet been oxidized. There is still just as much iron in the water. But if you hold up a glass of clear water iron, the water appears to be clear. There are a number of things that can oxidize clear water iron including air and chlorine.

Please keep in mind that you will usually find both types of iron together. Even if you think that you have only clear water iron, you will likely have a certain amount of red water iron as well. And the opposite is true. This is why you should be very wary of any company that would use only a sediment filter to remove iron. You should also keep in mind that you should never ever use a water softener to remove iron. You should be very careful when dealing with companies that use this tactic. It is your first sign that they do not have your best interest in mind.

How do I remove both types of iron?

The best way to remove both types of iron, would be to use an iron filter that both oxidizes and filters at the same time. And while we carry a number of different filters that can do this. The very best filter we sell for removing both clear water iron and red water iron his our Terminox® iron, sulfur and manganese filter. The reason this is our most popular filter is that it requires no Salt, no chemical for maintenance of any kind. You can see them here: Terminox®


Ferrous ironFerrous iron is often referred to as clearwater iron. … Ferric iron is called red water iron because it gives the water a cloudy reddish/orange appearance. Ferric iron is rust and is the result of oxidizing ferrous iron. This form of iron can be filtered.

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2 Comments on “Do sediment filters remove iron?

  1. Hello, I have clear water iron First question, i wonder if clear water Iron can plug up a very std and common 5 microns sediment replaceable cartridge filter ?

    2- If I install an iron filter backwashable, should I install the 5 microns sediments filter before or after the iron filter ? Thanks for your help 🙂

    • Hi Richard,

      Almost anytime you have clear water iron, you will have, or you will develop, red water iron as well. You will almost always have BOTH. Even if it is caused by the oxygen in the water oxidizing the clear water iron in the pipes, and turning into red water iron. This is why it is foolish to remove iron with a water softener, as the softener will act as an “oxidizing vessel”.
      In regards to an iron filter. Be sure it is an “oxidizing filter” such as a Terminox. Because it can remove BOTH types of iron without salt, chemicals, maintenance or filter cartridge replacement. If you decide to use a filter cartridge pre filter anyway, it would go before the backwashing filter. That canister could also be used for disinfection purposes, if small amounts of iron bacteria are present. Once you know your flow rate, which is really easy to figure out yourself, we can tell you if the sediment filter you currently have is the right size.
      But before you talk about filters, you should determine what your water quality and flow rate are. Once you know that, you move on to the correct filter. As opposed to starting at random filters, and then moving backwards towards the water quality and flow rate. Shady operators encourage and prey on unsuspecting customers who do not get this information BEFORE speaking to anyone about buying a proper filter. Also, this method allows us to make the filter for YOUR exact water specifications. One size or type filter does not fit all wells or iron problems.
      In order for us to help you properly we would need you to gather the information requested under items 7, 16 and 17 on this page:
      to get us what we need. Once you have that information, please contact us again and we can tell you EXACTLY what you need and EXACTLY what it will cost. And you can be SURE it will work. Most people are pleasantly surprised how low priced our solutions are. Any company that doesn’t insist on this information is not doing it correctly or they are likely selling marginal products. You simply must have this information to do it correctly, and have it work correctly, right from the start.
      Please don’t hesitate to give us a quick call to discuss your issues. Keep in mind our technicians are not allowed to ask you to buy anything or pressure you in ANY way. They just answer your questions and give you great advice. We are the online leader for water treatment worldwide. We set the standard for all others to follow.

      We appreciate your patience.

      Take care,
      lvl 4 Water Tech

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