Whole House Sediment Filters

Whole house Sediment filters are the first step that many people take in their search for clean, quality tap water. And are oftentimes all that is necessary to treat the water.  At least for most moderate amounts of dirt type sediment. To properly implement a sediment filter treatment system, care must be taken in selecting the proper level of filtration for your particular water problem.

Whole house cartridge type filters

sediment removal water filter for drinking water or whole house.

Many people assume that going to the sediment filter with the smallest mesh immediately is their best bet. They think this because they think it will catch the most sediment.  This approach is often a bad idea.  Using a sediment filter with a fine mesh with significantly larger sediment will cause the filter to clog prematurely. And that may lead to a drop in water pressure through the sediment filter. These low micron filters may need to be replaced far more often because of this. Having a higher micron filter may let a more normal flow of water through the filter.

Sediment filter cartridges are inexpensive and most fit universal housings, so it’s best to start with a higher mesh sediment filter cartridge and test to see what your best solution is.  The most common sized filter is 5 microns. It usually does a pretty good job of filtering dirt, sand and rust (Oxidized iron). It does not remove clear water iron or manganese. You would normally need a backwashing filter for those situations.

Backwashing tank type sediment filters

Backwashing Sediment removal water filters can filter rust, dirt, sand, turbidity and more.

Often, if you want to rely solely on sediment cartridge type filters. It’s sometimes best to use a multi-stage sediment filtration process, wherein a larger mesh sediment filter cartridge or series of sediment filters take out large particles. Then a finer mesh sediment filter cartridge takes out even smaller particles and does not need to be replaced as often. If you have a lot of sediment. Or if you have iron, sulfur or manganese in the water. It is best to use a backwashing filter, such as a Terminox® iron, sulfur and manganese filter. because it also is a huge sediment filter. And it requires no ongoing filter replacement or maintenance normally. It uses no salt or chemicals either when properly applied. It will even quit working when the power goes out.

For applications in which sediment filter cartridges are soiled quickly. And you know it is just sediment. But very high amounts. It’s recommended to step up to a backwashing sediment filter.  A backwashing sediment filter removes the need to replace cartridges all the time. Because it cleans itself automatically. And there are no filters to replace. You really don’t do anything to it at all. Often for 20 to 35 years of trouble free service.  This is called a Turbidity filter as well. If you have multiple times of sediment to deal with. Especially if there is any really fine sediment. Then a Heavy Turbidity filter would be a good choice as it removes multiple sizes and types of sediment. A Terminox® filter is also a Turbidity filter and can remove strong chemicals, such as chlorine as well.

Terminox® Sediment Filters for problem wells

They also remove iron, sulfur, manganese, foul tastes, rotten egg smells, turbidity, dirt, rust and even strong chemicals, such as chlorine. And there are no filter replacements, no salt, no chemicals and no maintenance.

Terminox iron sulfur and manganese filter also removes dirt, sediment, chemicals, chlorine, foul smell, iron, sulfur, manganese.

In circumstances in which there is iron or manganese present in the water. It’s often more efficient to use a backwashing, oxidizing filter such as a Terminox® to treat the water.  The Terminox® media also acts as a sediment filter down to 20 microns, so when a Terminox is used it is rarely necessary to have a separate sediment filter in line as well.

As always remember to have your water tested. You must always start with water quality and then move on to the water filtration equipment. Many people mistakenly start with the water filtration equipment instead of the water quality. You can’t take a “cookie cutter” approach to treating water. We want you to get it right the first and only time. Please feel free to send us a sample of your water and we’ll test it for free!

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Whole house sediment filters

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