What is the difference between ferric iron and ferrous iron?

While some companies make a big distinction between ferric iron and ferrous iron. You should virtually always have a filter designed to remove BOTH types. As both are almost always sure to be present, particularly in well water. Companies that distinguish between the two are often trying to see water softeners as iron filters. You should virtually never use a water softener to remove iron. Iron damages a water softener over time. It also makes the water softener use more and more salt over time. Even if you have water softener salt that has a chemical to remove iron. That is a bad idea for numerous reasons. We call people who use these tactics Slick Willys.

Ferrous Iron

Ferrous ironFerrous iron is often referred to as clear water iron. … It is dissolved in the water and will go right through sediment cartridge type water filters. It can be removed by a water softener to some degree. But it will damage the water softener over time and make it use more and more salt.

Ferric Iron

Ferric iron is called red water iron because it gives the water a cloudy reddish/orange appearance. And Ferric iron is a sediment form of iron and is the result of oxidizing ferrous iron. This sedimental type iron can usually be removed to some degree using sediment cartridge type filters. But it is always best to remove iron with a backwashing iron filter.

Both can be removed by one powerful and inexpensive iron filter called a Terminox® Iron, Sulfur and Manganese filter. This back washing iron filter requires no salt, chemicals or maintenance of any kind. Over time it is the smart investment as there are no filters to replace or ongoing expense. Especially if you are a homeowner and water to protect sinks, fixtures, plumbing, how water heaters and other household water related items. We find that 30% of all homes have water related items fixtures and appliances. It is a big deal to remove iron, sulfur and manganese from the water feeding these homes to protect these expensive appliances and fixtures from iron damage.

Terminox iron, sulfur and manganese filter

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    • We hear that a lot from hair stylists and other people who cut and style hair. As well as people who make wigs from real hair. Iron, hardness and many other things we find in well water end up as residue in people’s hair.

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