What is the difference between red water iron and clear water iron?

Red and clear water iron.

What is the difference between red and clear water iron? Is there a filter that can remove both kinds of iron from water?

Ferrous ironFerrous iron is often referred to as clear water iron. …Ferric iron, or red water iron, gives the water a cloudy reddish/orange appearance. Despite their different states, they can both leave iron stains on fixtures and appliances. Ferric iron is rust and is the result of oxidizing ferrous iron. This form of iron can be filtered.

The trick to filtering both types of iron out of your water is to turn the ferrous iron into ferric iron.

What type of filter is best for removing iron?

Although a sediment filter can capture the ferric iron, any amount of ferrous iron in the water will pass through it. Leaving stains and harming appliances. Also, sediment filters can clog up quickly if there is much ferric iron in the water. Normally, you have to change them very frequently.

Furthermore, the best type of iron filter to remove both ferric and ferrous iron is a backwashing filter with an oxidizing mineral. The mineral inside the tank will oxidize all of the iron in the water. Trapping the red water iron in the filter. Then the filter cleans itself by backwashing and rinsing all of the iron sediment out.

Remove them both with one back washing iron filter called a Terminox® Iron, Sulfur and Manganese filter. This back washing iron filter requires no Salt, chemicals or maintenance of any kind.

You can see it here: Terminox® Iron, Sulfur and Manganese Filter

Red and clear water iron. Terminox iron, sulfur and manganese filter.

In order to choose the correct Terminox® filter for your water, it is best to start by gathering the information in items 7, 16, & 17 on this page. FAQs

Once you have that information you can contact one of our iron water filter specialists and they can tell you exactly what you will need in order to remove both the red and clear water iron from your water.

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