Water Softener-Filtration Salesperson Tactics- Part 1

Water softener-filtration salesperson tactics are important to spot. These are the things that influence people to buy products that may be overpriced and not the best fit for their water issues. How many people have had the in-home salesperson come into your home to test your water, only to have this person in your home for hours? Normally they use survey sheets. Which have been around for decades. And which there are many variations of. But ultimately the purpose is always the same. Show the potential consumer how they can supposedly save money by purchasing their $6k to $10K system.

water softener-filtration salesperson tactics
Watch out for slick talking softener salesmen.

How it works
(This is in no way meant to bash the salesperson. Because 99% of these people are good people. And simply selling a product that they believe in and putting in an honest days work. They only know what they were trained to say.)

The salesperson will come into your private home. And then make small talk while setting up his/her testing equipment. And at this point, most people are thinking this will be short and interesting. But the fun has only just begun. And after a few basic water tests. You are shown some really interesting demonstrations highlighting the advantages of using this company’s particular water filtration system. We will cover more about this in the next two parts of this post.

The soap suds test

The demonstrations can include: washing everyone’s hands, making coffee or tea, cleaning glasses and shower doors, taking stains out of carpets, drinking the filtered water. Then comparing it to your water. And this goes on and on. A favorite of the in-home salesperson is when they take out beakers and pretend they’re littler washing machines. They add soap to the raw water beaker and the filtered water beaker and proceed to shake them up.

This is a doozy and a real money finder on the survey sheet. As you can expect, the one with the filtered water will look clear and the suds will just about blow the lid off the beaker. The raw water will have a nasty scum on the top and zero suds. They’ll continue to put drops into the raw water beaker trying to match the effect the soap had on the filtered water beaker, which on average takes about 80% more drops, leading you to believe 80% more of your hard earned money… But it is a fake, because the soap is tincture of green soap. Often use for surgery clean up for doctors. It can’t suds when calcium hardness hits it. It is trickery plain and simple. If you did the exact same thing with dish soap or laundry soap, this test would not work.

The high pressure sales close

After all these really cool tests, an hour or so has passed and you’ll go over the very basic water testing that was performed. Most of these tests are visual tests, which means they’re very subjective and marginal in many ways, for instance, people see colors differently. We could actually do the same tests and have 15 different technicians look at them and probably get 14 different answers.

Now it’s time for the potential customer to sit down with the salesperson and go over the survey sheet. Many sales people will tell you that this is the only way they get credit for being in the house. And it’ll only take a few minutes. Both of which are false. And if it’s a couple, both people are made to sit through the entire demonstration and survey results. Many reasons will be given for this. But the true reason is that this would take away the consumers chance to express their concerns or objections with their partner.

Most survey sheets will normally consist of 5 or 6 categories. And rows of info that will be labeled with what your spending now. And what you would spend with the proposed system installed. Comparitively calculating what percentage of savings that would be. And finally, the total savings for you to clean up your water. And while it will certainly be better for your home to have clean water. These things are greatly exaggerated by these commissioned salespeople. Just remember, if they don’t sell you, they don’t get paid. And they know that if they leave you to think about it. They will never hear from you again.

Water softener-filtration salesperson tactics Part 2

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Water softener-filtration salesperson tactics

5 Comments on “Water Softener-Filtration Salesperson Tactics- Part 1

  1. Thank you for the help. My husband and I just moved recently and the water is much harder in our new area. We were not sure if we wanted to install a water softener or not. I didn’t realize that soft water allows us to use less soap and detergent for cleaning. If that and taste both improve, then I think it would be worth it for us.Thank you again.

    • NO! We did not say that you should drink the water from the water softener. You most certainly should NEVER drink water that passes through ANY water softener unless you have a reverse osmosis drinking water system in the kitchen ($199). A water softener has only one purpose, to trade the hardness in the water for the sodium in the salt. So if you start out with a lot of hardness, you will replace it with a lot of sodium. Refrigerator filters, Brita filters and other types of filters won’t remove the sodium. It MUST be reverse osmosis, or you should drink bottled water. To read more about this go to this page:
      Remember you should never remove anything else such as iron, sulfur or manganese with ANY salt using appliance such as a water softener or water conditioner either. If an in-home sales person should ever tell you to do such things, the way you know they are misleading you is that their lips are moving…
      Thank you

  2. I have lnstalled hundreds of conditioners,softeners,
    Scam Magnetic units,salt free
    Units,U.V.units ETC.I Have seen all the sales
    Tactics known to mankind
    The PH test is the greatest one.My opinion is the most lmportant
    Component of the entire
    Water system is the drinking water system under the kitchen sink.

    • You should be careful when selecting a drinking water system. One filter does not fit all applications. For example: If you are on a private well with a low pH (below 7), a reverse osmosis unit would be a mistake as it will likely lower the pH even further. In that case you probably have other issues as well. If you have no choice in the pH, you can add a mineral cartridge after the reverse osmosis unit to raise the pH levels back up to a healthy number.
      Another example: You don’t want to use carbon type filters such as Omni or Brita or Pelican, or any sort of filters that attach to the faucet itself, or any other carbon using filter devices intended for city water, as carbon breeds bacteria on private well water that is not constantly chlorinated. Most in home sales people have no idea that you DO NOT use carbon filters on private wells, or as a drinking filter after a water softener. Most filters that say they remove tastes and odors are carbon filters. Buyers beware. Carbon filters are generally for chlorinated city water where no water softener is involved. And remember that you should NEVER drink the water from ANY water softener without using reverse osmosis first. Period. And you should never use a water softener, or ANY other salt using appliance as an iron filter.

  3. As we know a water filter removes impurities by lowering contamination of water using a fine physical barrier, a chemical process, or a biological process. And i like your post very much. Thanks for sharing.

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