Retention Tank Vacuum Breakers: Why we need them

Retention tank vacuum breakers are essential. Retention tanks can be very useful tools for treating well water, especially when prolonged contact time with chlorine is necessary.  They are pressurized tanks that ensure the water stays in contact for a specific period of time based on the flow rate and the size of the tank.  Because retention tanks are pressurized, though, certain precautions must be taken to ensure they work well and don’t get damaged.

water filtration retention tank vacuum breaker is a must have for killing harmful bacteria such as ecoli and coliform
This water filtration retention tank vacuum breaker could save you a LOT of money and headaches.


When in a closed water supply system. Water can pull back on the tank if the well runs dry. Or there’s a sudden reversal of water flow for any reason.  If this happens without a vacuum breaker, the sudden reduction in pressure can damage or even collapse the retention tank.  A vacuum breaker allows the water to flow only one way. So if there is a sudden burst of back-pressure from the well. The retention tanks will not be affected. Only the pipe prior to the vacuum breaker will feel the back pressure. 

In order for us to guarantee our retention tanks a vacuum breaker must be used during installation. But in addition to the peace of mind that a warranty offers. They also provide the peace of mind of knowing that your system will be operational as it was intended.  If you’re considering retention to treat your water. Please speak to one of our water filtration technicians today about our options for retention tanks, vacuum breakers and chlorine injection systems.

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