Water Filtration Systems Compared. Budget Water Filters Vs. Big Box Stores

Water filtration systems compared. We often get calls from people asking what the difference is between our water filtration systems and those of Big Box Stores. We sell PREMIUM quality water softeners and water filters at budget prices. The big box stores, such as Lowes, Home Depot and other large resellers don’t. They sell entry level products with marginal specifications to customers who quite frankly don’t know any better.

Water Filtration Systems - Big Box Store.VS.Budget Water
Big Box Stores marginal water filtration systems. Budget Water Filters of America beats them every time.

The difference is that we sell the very highest customer made quality water filtration equipment. And we know all about the equipment we sell. We find it funny that these Big Box Stores stores sell their own version of water filtration equipment. But also have an affiliation with a separate in-home water filtration companies that sell units for thousands of dollars on average. If you buy what is on the shelves, you are getting inferior products. If you let them set up an appointment for someone to come into your home. You are exposing yourself to high pressure sales pitches from local commissioned sales people. They come into your home trying to sell you water treatment equipment for $5000 to $10,000 on average.

Equipment you can get from us for a mere fraction of that amount. And the equipment you get from us is FAR superior than what you get from the Big Box Stores. And superior to what you get from the in-home sales companies. Companies such as RainSoft and Kinetico who pay these box stores money to generate RAW LEADS from the big box stores unsuspecting customers. They are selling you out for profit.

Be very wary of FREE water tests arranged at these big box stores.

At the Big Box Store, if you sign up for a free water test. There is a good chance that at a later point, you will have someone at your house that doesn’t work for the Big Box Store. But for one of these separate in-home water filtration sales companies. And they’ll most likely be there for hours doing a dog-and-pony show. If the equipment these Big Box Stores sold at the store was of high quality, why on earth would they have a SEPARATE company come out to sell you something?

The answer, in our opinion, is the in-home sales company sells the customer a premium system (highly overpriced) and the customer will remember the Big Box Store even though they didn’t sell them the system. These Big Box Stores get a nice kick-back on each unit the in-home water filtration sales company sells as well. Or they get paid “By the lead”. The lead is YOU. Budget Water Filters of America sells superior premium equipment for thousands less. And our prices are usually better then the price of the marginal cheapo equipment sold inside the Big Box Store. So you get premium equipment at a budge price.

Makes you think a little. Doesn’t it?

Something else to think about. When a new Big Box Store opens in you area. Do you think they put ads in the newspaper for a water quality expert? They hire good people and put them in the department they know the most about. If you go to a Big Box Store for a water filtration system, you’re most likely talking to someone who knows a lot about plumbing, not about treating water issues.

When it comes to water treatment you can’t take a cookie-cutter approach.

You will likely be living with the decision you make for 10 to 20 years or more. Be careful you make the correct decision. Even if you never buy anything from us. You can still call and tell us hat you are considering. We will give you honest feedback about your decision. And we will NEVER ask you to buy anything. We will just help you to get it right. Even though you intend to buy elsewhere.

Who has the lowest priced water softeners you can buy?

We have the lowest priced water softeners you can buy. And they are the best quality you can buy. Period. We even have mini portable softeners you can use for RVs, car washing and other purposes. These start at under $150.

Water softeners and filters for the whole house (Water filtration systems compared)

These units are far superior to the low quality cabinet models you buy at the Big Box Stores. Those units generally have the electronics in the same container as the water and salt, which is a highly corrosive environment. The average life expectancy on those units seems to be from 6 months to 2 years before customers start reporting problems. Our average life expectancy on our top of the line name brand component units mentioned here is 25 to 35 years.

Water Filtration Systems Compared-Water Softener and Filter Video

The following video shows the amazing high quality tanks and electronic controllers we use. And we are the manufacturer. We are not a reseller. Your new softener or filter has not been sitting is a warehouse for years collecting dust. It has even https://waterfiltersofamerica.com/water-softener-buy-a-water-softener/been made yet. Once we figure out exactly what you need. Your order is made from scratch and usually ships same day. Or the next working day. And it is delivered right to your door. No need for commissioned sales people or others to be in your private home selling you really expensive and overpriced stuff.

In the video you may notice the quality of the tank. Not only does it have a 10 year warranty. But it is made from the finest materials. NEVER buy a water softener or filter with black or blue tanks. This is your first sign you are buying cheap after market equipment.

The biggest tubes inside for maximum flow rate

Our equipment also features the biggest riser tubes and the biggest porting on the electronic controller you can buy. The bigger the pipe inside that carries the water (Riser tube). And the bigger the porting inside the control head at the top of the unit. The less restriction on the flow of your household water. Our inner riser tubes and porting are a massive 1.25″. Culligan, Rainsoft, Kinetico, Aquasana and virtually ALL other companies make their standard equipment, which they sell for many thousands of dollars, with either 1/2′, 3/4″ or 1″ riser tubes and control valve porting.

Can you see how the smaller tubes would make less flow. Our 1.25″ massive pipe size is the largest standard size in the United States. You would have to go into these other company’s commercial or industrial sizes to get the same size. There is simply no comparison in quality.

Long term quality

The average first call for assistance for our products is 14 years. 95% or more of all issues we receive, can be resolved in few minutes over the phone. With no service call or replacement parts needed. In fact, our customers should virtually never need a service call. As all of our units are made with only the finest easy to replace components. In addition to that, we offer lifetime phone support privileges. Even on most Sundays and Holidays! Try getting help from these Big Box Store suppliers on a weekend (If you can even figure out how to contact them!).

Most can’t help you on weekdays either. Give them a call and say you have broken water softener you bought from them. See if they are willing to help you at all. Or to even understand what you are taking about. Our US Based professional phone support is yours for a lifetime. We will always know how to help.

Call them and see how little help they can be

If you want to have some fun call a Big Box Store and say you bought a water softener there and you need someone to fix it. The answer might get you thinking… Then call us and say you are a customer and need to speak with a knowledgeable water tech. If you really want to have fun with it, call us both on a Sunday evening at dinner time and say it is an emergency. It will likely make your decision quite easy. Our customers also have access to a private installation site complete with pictures and instructions. Along with 7 day phone support.

Our techs won’t let you mess it up! They are number one in the world for customer service. If you don’t want to install the equipment. A handy friend could do the job. Even if he has never plumbed before! We will show him videos and walk him through it over the phone if necessary. If none of that works for you we can almost always recommend someone to you in your area that has helped other customers install.

When it comes to Water Filtration Systems, Budget Water Filters of America beats a Big Box Store ANY day of the week.


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Water Filtration Systems Compared-Budget Water Filters vrs Big box stores

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