Water Filter pH Information

Water filter pH information for well water systems. Any time you’re using an iron, sulfur and manganese filter (such as our Terminox®) on your private well water. And your pH is below 7.0. It is considered to be acid water by any knowledgeable water filter technician.  A pH of 7.0 is neutral. Below 7.0 is acidic. And 7.0 and above is alkaline or base.

And while 7.0 is neutral, many in-home salesman and marginal online filter salespersons think that neutral means NORMAL. It does not mean normal. For example, if you are using an iron filter for well water, the NORMAL pH would be 7.5 or above. Acid water can only be treated with acid neutralizers of some type.  The two common methods are chemical feeder systems and Backwashing acid neutralizer tanks. Water Filters of America offers many different sizes of Backwashing Acid Neutralizers.

Acid neutralizer video with lighted display corrects pH issues in private well water.

Never Use Mixed Minerals in Filters

You should never consider a backwashing filter that both treats iron, sulfur and manganese AND also raises pH. This is a very common MISAPPLICATION. It is the wrong thing to do. We call people who sell such products and mixed mineral beds “Slick Willies”. Mixing pH increasers in backwashing filter tanks creates a lifetime of problems and expensive service calls. And this is designed to line the pockets of the people who sell them.

Always get the pH right. Then add the filter. Your options for acid neutralizers are Backwashing Acid Neutralizers that contain a single media (mineral) such as Calcite or Calcite plus. As well as the option of a Chemical Feed injection systems with soda ash (sodium carbonate not sodium bi-carbonate also known as baking soda). This is a great option in cases where you need to raise a moderate pH level and also disinfect the water. This comes in handy in situations where you have iron bacteria or organics that may grow in a filter.

My pH is 6.8 and I was told by the in-home salesman that my pH is good.

Your pH is not good at 6.8 for water filters. And your water is actually acidic and in need of neutralizing. The best option for you in this case might be a Chemical Feed pump that would inject soda ash into your water line before the pressure tank. The Chemical Injection system is a relatively simple piece of equipment composed of a pump, a mixing tank, and an injector with hoses. 

Neutralizing acidic water is quite simple with the Chemical Feed. On average, about once a month you would mix a small amount of soda ash with water. Soda ash is very inexpensive. And on average a 50 pound bag will last an average household a year or more. We recommend the chemical injector because it can double up as a chlorinator. The same pump can take care of iron bacteria, which is another common well water problem. A Calcite Backwashing Acid Neutralizer is also an option. And there is very little ongoing maintenance. But if you also need to take care of iron bacteria, the Chemical Injection system would be best.

And there’s no need for the neutralizer tank since Chemical Injection will usually treat pH from 6.5 to 7.5.  And it is adjustable so that you can TARGET the pH that you want. In some rare cases the pH can be resistant and an acid neutralizer may be necessary anyway. But that does not occur often.

Chemical feeder to inject soda ash for pH and chlorine for disinfection and iron bacteria.
Chemical Feeder System for pH adjustment and Chlorine Injection

Acid neutralizer tanks are not adjustable since they contain a set amount of mineral that once absorbed, the pH is what it is. You should always test the pH after the Backwashing Acid Neutralizer before adding a filter. Also, pH is critical to test before running the water into your Terminox®, or any other backwashing filter. Acid water will “burn up” the natural oxidizing minerals in backwashing filters.

My pH is in the range of 4.5-5.5

The correct treatment would be to install two Backwashing Acid Neutralizers. One tank with Calcite, to be followed by a Calcite Plus tank.  (Tank size depends on flow rate. To determine your flow rate please visit our Articles & FAQ’s and read item number 7.) 

An average size acid neutralizer is a 10” x 54” tank. Which is 1.5 cubic foot.  Our acid neutralizers come with digital control valves.  Backwashing is necessary so the mineral doesn’t harden and become useless. It is not a good idea to use non electric tanks with manual backwashing controllers. Automatic backwashing acid neutralizer tanks are dependable and consistent.

NOTE: The proper way of treating acid water is your choice, but please follow our advice. We always keep the customer’s best interest at heart. And recommend only the best and correct equipment. The use of Backwashing Acid Neutralizers or setting up Chemical Injection requires some basic instructions. And our expert technicians are always available to help you by phone with anything you need. And our phone support specialists are US Based.

Effects of acid water

  • Green or blue stains in the bathroom sinks, bath tubs, showers, and appliances.
  • Metallic taste if copper pipes are used in the home.
  • Causes problems with PVC and PEX plumbing.
  • Damages the Alkalinity balance of our internal body.
  • Damages teeth.

The proper treatment for pH is important since acidic water can affect our health and our homes. And plays a big role in the performance of iron, sulfur, and manganese well water treatment. This water filter pH information is vital to getting it right every time.

When considering acid neutralizer tanks to correct your pH problems, backwashing tanks with single media are best.  We are always on the cutting edge of technology.  Minerals used in our neutralizing tanks and iron filter units never use harsh chemicals.  Our Chemical Feed systems, used in conjunction with Terminox® are a one, two punch that is not matched by any other company out there today.  They can correct iron, sulfur, manganese, dirt, turbidity, iron bacteria, organics and many other common well water issues.

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Water Filter pH information

4 Comments on “Water Filter pH Information

  1. I purchased a iron filter and soda ash injector system from you in Nov 2016, how long does media last. It was a 8inch tank

    • Terminox filters can last many many years when properly applied. It is hard to say in your case without first knowing the particulars. Such as iron levels, pH levels, or the presence of organics or iron bacteria. If you call our US Based tech support hotline for assistance. They can look up your particulars in our customer database and advise you accordingly. But the average life expectancy of a Terminox is 25 years when properly applied. And that is why it is the most popular of all of the different types of iron filters available in the US and Canada. If your filters is working, you should not worry. If it ever appears to start letting iron through, there will be a reason for it. Just call our friendly water techs at the Tech Support Hotline and they will help you. A calls to the support hotline are available to our customers free of charge for a lifetime.
      Take care, stay safe.

  2. Have been told by culligan the pH us very low 4.5 they recommend a 3000 mechanical feed system. Is there a cheaper answer in your opinion?

    • Firstly, you should double-check the pH with a reputable lab before you proceed. A lab that DOES NOT sell any sort of water filters or equipment. Sometimes local dealers get it wrong. It is common to get a marginal reading on such a low pH. When you take the sample to a lab, be sure they test the FRESH sample “When you come in the door”. A pH sample that sit for any excess amount of time can change. It usually will read LOWER than it really is. Normally, if your pH is truly 4.5, which is rare, you would need TWO backwashing acid neutralizer tanks. One to get the pH up where you can manage it, and the other to get it the rest of the way above 7.5. Be VERY wary of anyone who would use a chemical feeder with a pH increaser called “caustic soda”, as it will likely harm other water filters and devices over time, creating expensive in-home service calls from local dealers. Please do not hesitate to call and speak with a friendly water tech at 800-684-0979 for a discussion of your situation. Don’t worry, they are not allowed to ask you to buy anything or pressure you in any way. They just give you great advice. Also, if you have copper pipes in the home, a pH of 4.5 would almost certainly leave blueish or greenish stains in your sinks or appliances. If you have copper pipes, and you do NOT see any blue or green staining around the home, it is unlikely your pH is as low as you think it is. Get it tested by an independent source. Take care..

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