Our Water Filters Philosophy

Our water filters philosophy, “always do the right thing”. As the original online water treatment website for consumers. Our goal way back in the late 1990s, when the internet was a fledgling enterprise. Was that we wanted to be the first company ever to give consumers a “soft place to land”. Where they could trust someone, and believe what they were told. So we made some rules for our employees to follow.

  1. Always do the right thing, even if we lose money.
  2. Always be honest, kind and fair.
  3. Never sell someone more equipment than they need.
  4. Never ask anyone to buy anything, or pressure them in any way.
  5. Help existing customers 7 days a week, even on Sundays and Holidays if necessary.
  6. Our specialists will never work on commission.
Happy water filtration system customer review. Clean drinking water. Honest.

In the beginning

At the time we began way back in the late 1990s, when we were the only company online exposing all of the slick tacts used by high pressure in home salmon. The only choice for cleaning your water, was to have in-home sales type companies come into your home and sell you thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment. And usually you would just end up with a water softener and a sales pitch. People were mistakenly told it was ok to drink the water from water softeners, which is often far beyond safe drinking water standards.

And private well water customers were being tricked in other ways. Such as using water softeners to remove iron in well water. Which is a common marginal tactic designed to create service calls and ongoing income for the water dealer. Not to mention that using a water softener as an iron, sulfur or manganese filter can dramatically increase the already high amounts of sodium.

Using carbon filters on well water is another really marginal thing they would do. All of these things are seriously wrong, but they line the pockets of in home sales companies. Now those slick operators are coming online and doing the same sort of things. From selling water softeners as iron filters, and selling carbon on private wells, telling people they can drink softened water, to selling marginal mixed mineral tanks like Filox, or the old greensand filters and falsely representing them as being a superior system.

Never mix minerals in water filters

Every good water tech knows you don’t mix different minerals like Birm and Manganese Oxide in the same tank. It seems like in the current online world these people are doing everything they can to confuse the consumer and make the choices hard. That is what they did inside of people’s homes back in the day. And now they are still using these tactics online on an unsuspecting consumer. In reality, water treatment is a very simple and easy thing to do.

We always keep it simple and inexpensive. We custom make every unit to order and gift you free support for a lifetime. And even if you never buy anything from us, we promised that if you just follow the advice we give, everything will come out all right for you. And that advice will always be free. You can always count on us to care about you, and to be your soft place to land. WE PROMISE!

The President and Staff

Our Water Filters Philosophy

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