Terminox® ISM is the best Iron Filter on the market and it is sold exclusively by WaterFiltersOfAmerica.com. Terminox® ISM iron filters remove iron, sulfur, manganese, rust, turbidity, dirt, smells, tastes and strong chemicals like chlorine (all things you DO NOT want in your drinking water). Terminox® beats all other iron filters, including: Filox, Birm, Greensand and Pyrolox. The Terminox® is a backwashing iron filter that’s chemical free, salt free and requires nothing to replace. You just, “set it and forget it”. Be sure to check out our first post that explains our company philosophy. This philosophy applies to our Terminox® Iron Filter, we stand behind everything we make because we have the best water treatment products on the market. Also be sure to check out our post on in-home sales tactics, it’s common for people to recommend a water softener for your water treatment solution, but this is NOT always the best case. Make sure your water treatment system is set up to address your specific water treatment problem. If you have iron in water, then the best case may be a Terminox® iron filter. Water softeners are not a one size fits all solution.

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Also, check out our Terminox® Pictures page for some pictures of the Terminox Iron Filter.

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