Iron Filter Vs. Water Softener

15k Demand Water Softener

Water softeners are good for one thing… softening water. Water softeners are NOT iron filters.

At® our mission is to create a relationship with each individual customer. When you call us you will be advised, long before a sale, to send in a sample of your water in an effort to find out what water filtration system would be suitable for your family and your home. For example, one of our biggest recommendations is that customers never use a water softener as an iron filter. A water softener will reduce the concentration of iron in your water, however the life of your water softener will be reduced significantly. Big box companies and some fly-by-night, in-home water filtration salesmen will almost ALWAYS recommend a simple water softener to their well water customers despite the fact that it will only serve as a softener and will not filter iron or take away the smell, which is likely what brought your attention to our product in the first place. We don’t want to give you the idea that a water softener is something you can’t benefit from because that is not true. We just recommend that you have your water tested (we offer a free water test) to see if it is in need of iron removal.

On to the question “Why an Iron Filter before a Water Softener?

Iron will coat the softening resin (zeolite) prohibiting the water softener from doing its intended job, namely softening the water (removing scale and hardness). So you’ve purchased an expensive water softener, which is not softening your water nor removing iron from your water. Not only is it not functioning as intended it’s reducing the life of the water softener, making it so that you will have to call the company that originally sold you this equipment for a “house call”. This leads you to find out that the purchase you made, which was recommended to you by water softener salesperson, has done nothing but cost you money and earned them money, leaving your water issues unresolved.

Terminox Iron Filter

The Terminox™ Iron Filter removes Iron.

This is where® comes in, after a thorough water test we will recommend a proper treatment method for your water that will prove effective for the long term.  If iron is detected, our recommendation will likely include a Terminox™ ISM Backwashing Iron Filter, which will oxidize the iron, sulfur, and manganese from your water using no salt or chemicals. Our customers love this unit because of the chemical and maintenance free features. Most customers can put the filter inline and will have 20+ years of doing nothing but enjoying great water. Give one of our expert techs a call at 1-800-684-0979 and see if a Terminox™ Iron Filter would meet your water needs.

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